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Use an easy, step-by-step process to organize and track your business numbers… so you grow your bottom line!

Rene Barlow

Does any of this sound like you?

With a little help...
you can go from overwhelmed and frustrated...
to empowered & confident to rock your business!

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Bookkeeping Services for Women-Owned Businesses

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your books

Get all your bookkeeping needs set up for you! You will know exactly what to track and how to track it!

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Monthly Bookkeeping

You focus on your business, I'll handle all the numbers & reports for you! Including catch-up services

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Reviews & Consultations

For the DIYer who needs someone to answer questions or look things over and make sure you're doing it right

Rene Barlow

The person who helps you keep more money!

Hi! I'm René Barlow

As a working mom, I can relate to running your business and your family… and balancing all the things!

You may not have a business background, but you have an idea and the skills and talent to start a business, and you want to contribute to your family finances.

But the bookkeeping part feels overwhelming! 

What do you track? How do you track it? How do you pay business taxes–monthly, quarterly, yearly? Are there limits?

And how do business owners pay themselves and still keep the business running… without mixing personal finances?

There is a way to do it all! I help you get clear on your finances. 

You can reach your goals and bless your family if you have the right tools and the confidence to do it. 

That’s what I give you!

Business Owners Who Have Worked with Me

What clients have said...

Thank you for a great call! I’ve always hated anything to do with money or finances but now knowing there is an easy way to keep track of it all has me so excited and relieved! I honestly can’t wait to start tracking things and get a better understanding of it all.
--Amber M
Barlow Bookkeeping has been a blessing to me! René is efficient, straightforward and reliable, along with being positive and encouraging. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to take the worry out of the bookkeeping maintenance part of their business. I'm grateful to receive Rene's clear reports and updates. It's wonderful to always know where the numbers are at any given time!
--Jacque S.
René is so helpful, kind, and smart! She helped me with my small business bookkeeping. She taught me best practices and gave me tips and tricks on how best to keep up with my bookkeeping. I feel more empowered and confident in my bookkeeping, something that used to intimidate me. She listened to my concerns and gave me several options of how to resolve the problems that I was facing. Thank you René!!
--Bethany T.
I cannot recommend Barlow Bookkeeping Services highly enough! As our business grappled with the challenges of unifying an intricate sales order management system with our accounting software, she stepped in and made the entire process seem effortless. Her ability to quickly grasp complex systems was truly impressive, but what stands out even more was her precision and attention to detail. Every entry, every report, every reconciliation was done with utmost accuracy. It's not often you come across someone so competent and reliable in this field.
--KoverRoos / Golden Care

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6 Proven Steps to Organzie Your Receipts

6 Proven Steps to
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