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Its about the numbers

You run your business... I'll do the books!

Pay yourself, have money to grow your business, avoid burnout, manage it all with family life, and do it without using your personal finances. Easy-peasy!

Barlow Bookkeeping

Mission and Vision:

To empower women-owned business owners to do what they love… and keep more of their money along the way!

Using an easy-to-follow bookkeeping system, you are empowered to run your business, manage your finances, and be confident in your decisions as your business grows!

Bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard!

Having the right tools makes all the difference!

None of us went into business to give away all our money… I help you keep more of it and have the know-how and confidence to do it!

Some of my Core Beliefs

I'm not like everyone else...

Numbers are seriously "my thing!"

Hello, I’m René Barlow.

I have always loved organizing, numbers, and music. My favorite subjects in school were math and band. 

When I started college, my plan was to major in accounting and minor in music.

But as a young 19 year old, I was overwhelmed with the course work for both accounting and music, so I went with music.

I graduated with a degree in instrumental music education and taught piano lessons as often as I could.

As my children grew, I increased the number of students I taught, and with that, the number of hours.

It started to take a toll on my family – being unavailable so many hours after school.

So I started to explore ways I could work during the school day instead. 

Remember, I love math and almost majored in accounting?

Well, now I’m starting my second career in bookkeeping.

I still teach piano lessons, but to less students.

I love organizing the numbers and helping businesses. 

Let me do what I love, so you can have more time to do what you love!

Rene Barlow

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6 Proven Steps to Organzie Your Receipts

6 Proven Steps to
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